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Five Reasons Why Aly Deserved To Stay In Bigg Boss

Post his eviction and elimination from Bigg Boss 14, his fans have constantly been expressing their anger on the show makers with #WeWantAlyBack on twitter and so there's a list of 5 reasons why Aly deserved to be in Bigg Boss.

One of the strongest contenders of current Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV hosted by Salman Khan, is the dapper hunk TV star Aly Goni who recently got eliminated from the house has his fans trending #WeWantAlyBack on Twitter and we also feel it was unexpected which is why we bring the five reasons why Aly deserved to stay in Bigg Boss.

“Bigg Boss” is the most awaited and most-watched reality show on the telly. No matter how many arguments and debates it leads to in a normal household, the audience can never get enough of the show, so much so that once a season gets over people don’t actually know what to do or what to watch which is why when Aly got ousted from the show, it was unfair which is the reason that his fandom is trending hashtag #WeWantAlyBack on twitter from past few days now and also, we too think it was totally a googly and so, these are the five reasons why Aly deserved to stay in Bigg Boss.

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1. The engaging conversationalist: The show was already in the fourth week when Aly came as a wild card entry, and by that time it was quite clear who the contestants were cordial with. So either there were no conversations at all, or we could only hear disagreements and arguments amongst the housemates. Well, Aly engaged in a conversation with everyone in the house. Though he had come to support his good and best friend Jasmin Bhasin, he made sure he was cordial with everyone. And of course, he had watched the show before entering the house, but he still went in with a clean slate and was friendly with everyone without any prejudice.

2. His funny antics: Hope you did not miss the scene when he saw Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan hugging each other, and he just ran like a child who has seen something that he shouldn’t have seen. This happened twice, and he managed to give the audience as well as the contestants a laughter kick both times. Also, the ‘extra masala scene’ where he was directing a scene with Pavitra, Eijaz, and Rahul Vaidya showing a complicated relationship. It left the housemates in splits. He definitely raised the fun quotient in the house.

3. His uniqueness: In the true “Bigg Boss” lingo, Aly is not someone who follows a “bhed – chaal”. He has his own unique ways which people start to follow. For example, soon after his entry, he wrote his name “ALY” with a crown in white paint on his mike. Later we saw Rahul also doing it and he wrote RKV on his mike, and Kavita Kaushik too was seen with KK written on hers. So, he is unique, right?

4. His impeccable fashion sense: Be it the denim jacket and white t-shirt he sported when he entered the show, or the pathanis he wore on weekend ka vaars, Aly’s fashion game was always on point. He kept his looks simple yet colourful and stylish just like his personality. And let’s not even talk about his vibrant sneakers, that’s another story altogether.

5. Friendship goals: The world now knows about the love and respect Aly Goni has for his BFF Jasmin. Who would have thought that he will enter the show to support her, and also leave the show just for her. From tying her ponytail, to fixing her dress, and most importantly being the shoulder she could lean on, Aly gave major friendship goals to not just the contestants but also the people outside. And hope you did not miss Nikki Tamboli confessing that she also wants the same kind of friendship which Aly and Jasmin have.

Aly, in no time, emerged as the strongest and the most loved contestant of the show, and thus after his exit #WeWantAlyBack was trending on Twitter. And there are endless reasons which we can go on talking about just in the hope that Aly returns.

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