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Channa Mereya Actress Niyati Fatnani Reacts As Fans Laud Her Emotional Scene

Actress Niyati Fatnani reacts to lhe Love and praise she received for a recent emotional scene: " The audience is accepting Ginni in a vulnerable situation."

Actress Niyati Fatnani, who is currently seen in the Star Bharat show Channa Mereya, has garnered praise from the audience for her recent emotional and heart-touching performance. Her splendid performance has made her fans go gaga on Twitter.

It would not be an understatement to say that actress Niyati Fatnani is a queen of emotional scenes. The way Niyati acts in the emotional scene has been applauded by the fans. They have said that she acted so well that the feelings looked so real and her pain was felt by everyone who watched the episode.

Talking about the preparation she did for the emotional scene, Niyati says, “I just stayed out of everything to get into the emotions of the character. I stayed in that zone to carry the mode. Emotional scenes require a lot of energy as you have to feel the same thing that your character is going through. I just went with my instinct and performed the scene.”

Talking about the love and praise she has been receiving, Niyati says, “Getting words of praise and appreciation is so gratifying for an actor. I have been receiving tweets and comments from people appreciating my performance. I am happy that the audience is accepting of Ginni in a vulnerable situation and feel connected to her. It feels so nice to get praised for your hard work. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the love that people are showering on me.”

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