Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Shalin Gets Into A Fight With Gautam & Tina

Gautam Vig and Tina Datta get into a heated argument with Shalin Bhanot, taking a jibe at Shalin Gautam calls him Sumbul's father.

Bigg Boss 16: The television reality show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its third week. Actress and contestant Sreejita De was evicted during the recent weekend ka vaar after getting nominated by house captain Gautam Vig. While within these 3 weeks many friends have turned enemies and many enemies have now turned friends. Following the same in the recently shared promo, Shalin Bhanot was seen getting indulged in a heated argument with his friends Gautam and Tina. Here’s what happened next-

Shalin Fights With Gautam And Tina

With each day passing, the equations between the Bigg Boss housemates are changing be it Sumbul-Shalin’s equation or even Nimrit and Priyanka’s. In the last episode, both foes turned friends Nimrit and Priyanka were seen having a chat as they decided to make a plan for the task. On the other hand, Tina who had been approaching MC Stan throughout the task was left stranded when MC chose Shalin as his roommate.

Following this Tina called Shalin a mastermind and decided that she won’t talk to him anymore. While in the recently shared promo Shalin was also seen bitching about Tina with Sumbul. The two were seen having a chat during which Shalin tells Sumbul that he didn’t had any bad intentions towards her and it was Tina who had continuously fueled the fire claiming that Sumbul loves Shalin. He further added that Tina is a very clever contestant.

In another shared promo Shalin gets into a heated argument with Gautam Vig and Tina after they both tease Sumbul for spending more time with them, they also tease Sumbul for not listening to their advice. Later Sumbul leaves their room and tells everything to Shalin. Shalin confronts Gautam about the same, and to this Gautam says that he will say whatever he wants since Sumbul is also his friend. Gautam further takes a jibe at Shalin calling him Sumbul’s father.

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