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Bigg Boss 14: Zaid Darbar On Rumored Girlfriend Gauahar Khan

Zaid Darbar Opens up about his alleged girlfriend Gauahar Khan, marriage plans and more in a tell all interview.

Bigg Boss Senior, Gauahar Khan is winning hearts and gathering love for her performance in the house. Also in news is Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan’s alleged relationship

Recently on an episode contestant Rahul asked her to meet outside. On that Gauahar replied that she is taken. On that and many other questions, Zaid Darbar opens up.

The social media influencer and choreographer did not confirm the relationship but said he missed her a lot.

Read on to find out.

How did they meet?

We met in 2020. We have known each other as we are from the same industry. She was at Shiamak Davar and did Zangoora also. I was an instructor at Shiamak’s. We never spoke there but I had seen her. Then I also saw her at TikTok office. 

What was his reaction on seeing Gauahar back in the house?

She is superb on the show and whenever I am watching her on the show, I say mashallah, waah, kya baat hai. I think God has blessed her. She is a beauty with brains, which is a rare combination. People like such celebrities who are so honest and conduct themselves well.

What is your family’s reaction to Gauahar?

She has a very strong bond with my family and it’s vice versa even they have. They love her and you have no idea how much they do. She is close to us but I feel the entire world loves her. My entire family, my dad, mom, sister, brother, everybody loves her. My younger sister adores her and she always says I want to be like Gauahar.

What are your thoughts on her saying ‘I Am Taken’?

You won’t believe even if I don’t watch the episodes – her fans, our fans and our social media family are so fast that they keep sending me images and videos. So, even if I don’t watch the episodes, I am aware of everything because of them. They keep me updated about everything. They tag me in every video or picture and Rahul also where he asked her to meet him outside and she said ‘I am taken’. Yes, I’ve also heard she’s taken (laughs).

Is there a wedding happening?

Whose wedding? (laughs). We are just family friends, if there is anything we won’t hide, it will come out. Just wait for some time, we will tell everyone whatever it is. 

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Who Is the better senior?

The recent task where she was assigning people to do shayari, song or entertain her was fabulous. I will give full marks to her. From the viewers point of view she was the best. People actually enjoyed watching and it was hilarious and entertaining. Gauahar is full of entertainment (woh cheez unmein bhar bhar ke hai). I will get biased here but she was outstanding. I liked the efforts of Rahul Vaidya, Nishant and Eijaz Khan, they were amazing. It looked that they were putting in a lot of effort

Well lets hope for some love for Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan.

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