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BB OTT Fame Moose Says Karan Is Biased Towards Shamita

Post being eliminated from bollywood producer Karan Johar's Bigg Boss OTT recently, renowned Youtuber and social media influencer BB OTT fame Moose says Karan is biased towards Shamita.

In recent weekend special Sunday Ka Vaar episode hosted by renowned bollywood producer Karan Johar at Bigg Boss OTT airing digitally on renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select, Makers gave a task to bottom two celeb contestants in last weekend wherein both Neha and Moose had a bomb belts task in which other contestants had to save their fav celeb by cutting wire of the bombs and it was post this task that young social media influencer and youtuber Moose got eliminated from the show and now in recent interview, BB OTT fame Moose says Karan is biased towards Shamita.

Raqesh Bapat had the power to save any one contestant and he saved Neha Bhasin which resulted in Muskan Jattana’s eviction and now in her new interview, BB OTT fame Moose says Karan is biased towards Shamita.

Popular Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss OTT will get its winner in next few days on the 18th September 2021. With that being said, controversies are bound to emerge. Contestants Divya Agarwal, Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Neha Bhasin and Nishant Bhat are currently a part of the show and post Moose’s eviction, BB OTT fame Moose says Karan is biased towards Shamita.

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For those of you wondering and mulling, last week Muskaan aka Moose Jattana was eliminated from the show and this all took place after Neha and Moose were in the bottom two and were given bomb belts each and the other contestants were made to cut the bomb wires of the contestants they wanted to save.

Shamita and Pratik saved Neha while Divya and Nishant saved Moose. It was Raqesh’s decision that would decide either Neha and Moose’s fate on the show. He decided to save his friend Neha Bhasin, and Moose was eliminated.

Reflecting about her views on renowned bollywood producer Karan Johar and actress Shamita Shetty, in her latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Moose said, “I don’t know why he has been doing it but I do think he has been biased. I feel that is unnecessary. Shamita is not a good player and I don’t know why people like her so much. I don’t know why he has been doing it but I feel reality shows should be reality shows. This is a fake reality. It is for people to show how they are but if these people keep putting their own views then what is the use of reality shows?”.

Adding on how Nishant has real qualities of being a winner, Moose said, “I think Nishant has all the qualities of a winner. He is a smart player and is balanced. He knows how to keep emotions and the game separate. So I think he can win Bigg Boss OTT”.

Moose also named Nishant as the most cunning player of the show. A report had earlier quoted Moose saying that her only fear before entering the Bigg Boss OTT house was that she knows no one on the show. She said she knew that if there’d be bias from the host’s end, she would be at the bottom of the ladder, and according to Moose, that’s exactly what happened.

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