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Asim Offered Whopping Amount For Appearance On Bigg Boss 14

To make this new season of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV more interesting, from past few days there were apparently several rumours floating in the media of how the suave and dapper hunk who was also the first runner up on Bigg Boss 13 had been approached by the makers for appearance on BB 14 which was making the stud model’s fans very excited that their favorite Asim offered whopping amount for appearance on Bigg Boss 14.

The report mills and the grapevine gossips have been buzzing with this happening scoop since past few days now that the makers may have approached the previous season 13 first runner up who has his own fan base to make an appearance in this season as a Toofani Senior and this fact is true as it is being said that Asim offered whopping amount for appearance on Bigg Boss 14.

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It is also being said that the fees with which the hunk model was approached by the makers was nothing less than a real whopping amount of Rs 50 crores for his appearance in Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV.

This new season of Bigg Boss 14 has truly been a game changer of sorts along with being very different which we saw from day one with the entry of Toofani Seniors Siddharth, Hina and Gauahar in the house.

It’s really amazing to see how the tables have turned with the contestants who would have to impress the seniors with their performances in the tasks to earn their right of using the bedroom, the kitchen and the BB mall for purchasing luxurious daily essential items.

Asim Riaz is a model who has worked in several V commercials and was the face of many popular brands and he managed to pave his position in the house last season despite having strong competition from renowned TV actor contestants and ended up winning the title of first runners up in Bigg Boss 13.

Now this is a real public knowledge about how three Toofani Seniors Siddharth, Hina and Gauahar are locked up inside the house along with contestants but this they are calling the shots inside the house by giving them tasks so that they get impressed and based on that they would make their decision of which contestant is worthy of staying in the house and which one should go home.

It is being said that there are more seniors who are coming soon to be locked up inside the house after the three seniors are out which we don’t have much information about but yes the rumours were quite strong that Asim Riaz has been offered a huge Rs 50 crore deal by the channel and the makers to make an appearance on Bigg Boss 14 as the Toofani Senior.

It’s been a very hugely hot and trending topic since past few days that Asim Riaz has been approached by the channel and the makers with a huge Rs 50 crores deal to make an appearance as the Toofani Senior in the current Bigg Boss Season 14. However there is also another section of the media reports now which say that this is not true at all since Asim has not been approached by the makers in the first place. Also we know that in every season the fees of the contestants in the house have always been a topic of curiosity amongst the audiences.

It is being claimed that Hina Khan is charging the highest fees for making a two-week appearance where, according to media reports, Hina is taking Rs 72 lakh for 2 weeks stay inside the house of Bigg Boss 14. On the other hand, media reports also have stated that Siddharth Shukla is charging 32-35 lakh rupees for 2 weeks. As of now, Gauahar’s fees are yet unknown.

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