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Arhaan Khan asks Rashami Desai to maintain her distance as he is irritated with her tantrums

In the newest episode of Bigg Boss season 13, Arhaan Khan is seen telling Rashami Desai to maintain her distance. Read on to know more.

With Arhaan Khan’s entry into the Bigg Boss‘ house, the rumour mills went overdrive with the gossips of Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan’s closeness. No doubt these two are very close an share an impeccable bond but seems like inside the house the two are finding it hard to get along and are seen fighting over petty issues. And in the recent episode, Arhaan asked Rashmi to keep her distance from him, until they survive in the house.

Arhaan told Rashmi that they should maintain a safe distance from each other and stay clear of the public eye. But Rashmi who was not expecting this from him was seen fuming with anger and stated that she would keep that in mind.

Well if you were not aware, Rashmi and Arhaan’s relationship was making headlines even before Bigg Boss started. Reports also claimed that the two were gearing up to tie the knot inside the house. BUt both Rashmi and  Arhaan denied these rumours and claimed they are just good friends. And hence to avoid more gossips and rumours Arhaan asked Rashmi to maintain her distance from him inside the house.

Even Rashmi when she was asked by Paras to create a connection with Arhaan for the game, she revealed that she doesn’t feel for him that way and are merely friends. She also revealed how she wants to clear all this as she has plans of settling down next year.

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