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Are Priyank And Benafsha Back Together Again This Time As Well

It feels like loved and fans favorite #Prinafsha, i.e. Priyank and Benafsha are back together again as a couple from the moment Priyank surprised Benafsha on Valentines Day in Bhopal.

This is indeed a surprising twist in tale as latest news reports is making us think that are Priyank and Benafsha back together again this time as well.

The news reports circulating around are making us speculate that are Priyank and Benafsha back together again this time as well.

If the latest news reports in media mills would be believed, then too the #Prinafsha fans on social media surprisingly mulling deep that are Priyank and Benafsha back together again this time as well.

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According to the latest news reports, it looks like the Bigg Boss 11 fame couple Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla are back together again wherein the couple also spent loads of quality time together after Priyank surprised her on Valentines day.

Their love story started in Bigg Boss 11 on Colors TV wherein both Priyank and Benafsha had fallen deeply heads over heels in love with each other and also successfully had managed to keep their love story and affair in wraps for many years. It was only in April 2020 last year that both of them had confirmed their relationship with an adorable and mushy instagram post which Priyank had captioned it as ‘official’ and post making it insta official, Priyank had also opened up on fact that how him and Benafsha had fit together with one another perfectly like missing pieces of a puzzle.

But in October 2020, both of them went on to delete their loveable couple pictures with each other from their respective insta handles which even made everyone think that have they really broken up with one another since they had even unfollowed one another on instagram.

But now, it seems like all’s good between alleged ex couple since both of them had been spotted together in Bhopal at a gym and post that, its certain that both of them are back together but are keeping silent and mum about it like never before.

According to a news report by a leading digital entertainment portal, Priyank had been seen at a gym in Bhopal wherein he told reporters that he came in this city for a break and also confessed about coming to Indore to meet Benafsha who was also there for a shoot and it also clearly stated about how Priyank had come in to surprise Ben on Valentines Day and stayed back in the city for a few more days as well just to spend quality time with her.

The report furthermore also claimed that both of them are very much together yet again and were also spotted partying together with their set of friends. When asked about his relationship status with Benafsha, he decided to be quiet like before.

In his previous interview with the same leading digital entertainment portal, Priyank had said, “Both of us were single when we entered the house. We felt a strong connection, especially after I re-entered the house post my eviction. We developed feelings for each other but didn’t want to make any commitment without being sure. Once out in the real world, we spent a lot of time together and realised that we were in love. It has been exactly two-and-a-half years since Ben and I are together. She gives me a sense of completeness and we fit together like missing pieces of a puzzle”.

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