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Aly’s Friend Dr Ishan Ahmed: Now He Is Here To Win

In a recent tete a tete chat conversational interview off late, dapper and suave hunk TV star Aly Goni's closest childhood friend Dr Ishan Ahmed says, now he is here to win.

Rooting his support for dearest friend TV star Aly Goni in Bigg Boss 14 airing on Colors TV, Aly’s friend Dr Ishan Ahmed says, now he is here to win.

Supporting and cheering his dearest friend Aly to win that coveted Bigg Boss 14 trophy, Aly’s friend Dr Ishan Ahmed says, now he is here to win.

In a recent interview conducted off late, Aly’s friend Dr Ishan Ahmed says, now he is here to win.

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The finale of reality show Bigg Boss is just a few weeks away and the contestants are putting their best foot forward. Aly Goni who is always referred to as the strongest contestant of the ongoing season is giving his best too, especially now that his BFF Jasmin Bhasin is not there, his entire focus is on the game. The actor had entered the show to support Jasmin, but post her eviction, he is playing it for himself. In fact, his childhood friend Dr. Ishan Ahmed said, “I think now he is there to win”.

Furthermore he also added, “Earlier when Jasmin was a part of the show, he was not thinking of winning the game but now I can already see a winner in him”.

The actor has time and again been accused of spoiling games of his friends and co-contestants Jasmin and Rahul Vaidya. Expressing his opinion on this, Ishan said, “I think till now none of the wild card entries in Bigg Boss have been as strong a player as Aly. He is not spoiling anyone’s game, his personality is so strong that maybe it overshadows others”.

Aly and Rahul Vaidya became good friends soon after the former entered the show. They are even referred to as RaLy or Jai-Veeru of the reality show. However, in a recent episode Rakhi Sawant was seen telling Rahul that though Aly fights with everyone, he is in everyone’s good books, and Rahul is the one who is always targeted. Rahul was quick to dismiss the conversation by saying that it’s Aly’s way and he has absolutely no issues with it.

Ishan, who in a previous interview had said that Aly really considers Rahul as his friend and brother, too shared his thoughts on this and said, “I hope Rahul can see the truth and not get affected by it as Aly really cares about him a lot”.

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