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Aditya Narayan Has To Say THIS About His Marriage With Neha Kakkar

Aditya Narayan finally spills the beans on his marriage rumors with Neha Kakkar. Read below.

Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar have become the talk of the town after the news about their marriage spread like a wildfire. Neha’s brother Tony Kakkar even hinted that it’s official between Aditya and her in the video about their marriage that went viral.

But the whole tale took a drastic turn when Aditya’s father Udit Narayan dismissed the rumors by saying that he doesn’t have a clue about his son’s marriage plans and it might be a publicity stunt to boost the TRP of Indian Idol 11 where Aditya is anchor and Neha a judge.

Finally, Aditya Narayan had spilled the beans on these marriage rumors. Before telling the truth Aditya kept mum right until Valentine’s Day when the supposed marriage was to happen. He said, I do my work and mind my business. When the channel told me about this gimmick, I told them to make sure it doesn’t go too far. But it did. I soon started getting calls and messages, asking about my supposed marriage with Neha. It became very embarrassing to both of us.”

When quizzed about making such a cheap gimmick to mislead the people into believing that their marriage is actually going to happen, Aditya silently said, “It wasn’t in my hands. By the time, I became aware of how far this gimmick had gone it was too late. It was very embarrassing to be asked about my marriage to Neha Kakkar when there is no such relationship between us. She is a dear friend, but that’s it. And please tell me, if and when I have to get married would I do it on a reality show?”  

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The singer turned anchor was then asked about whether is there someone else whom he wants to marry, to which Aditya said that he is of the marriageable age and that’s all he had to say. He further added that when he never suggested there was anything between Neha Kakkar and him, a section of the media, without asking, went ballistic. Imagine what would happen if he actually admits seeing someone.    

Aditya further said that he wants to focus on his work and doesn’t want attention for such ridiculous things.

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