Ranvir Shorey REVEALS He Suffered Psychological Trauma In Bollywood

Ranvir Shorey opens up about being suffered from psychological trauma in Bollywood. Ranvir was recently involved in word spat with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Read below to know more.

Ranvir Shorey is one of Bollywood’s most talented yet underrated actors. He recently engaged in a verbal spat with Anurag Kashyap post criticising the independent filmmaker. Now, Ranvir has opened up about the ordeal he had to face in Bollywood.

When a Twitter user asked Ranvir to take names of those who have done him wrong and get inspired by Kangana Ranaut, he revealed being suffered from psychological trauma in Bollywood. The Sonchiriya actor responded, “I don’t take any names ‘cause I have no evidence to prove their complicity! But the reason I speak is, I went through the same professional & social isolation, bad mouthing & lies in the press, and psychological trauma from 2003 to 2005 with the same people who are now involved.”

Shorey further added that all of it was so tough at a time that he had to leave India. Ranvir said, “The despair I went through at the time was enough to break me, but I survived thanks to my family and a few friends. I even had to leave the country because of how toxic the environment got for me. Coincidence? No. Modus operandi? Yes.” He then mentioned that he was 33 years old at that time.

Earlier this week, Ranvir Shorey bashed at the independent filmmakers stating that over a period of time they become Bollywood flunkies. Shorey said that many independent crusaders have now turned into Bollywood flunkies and these are the same people who would rant about the ‘system’ 24/7.

The 47-year old actor then pointed out the hypocrisy by asserting that once these independent filmmakers were given into the mainstream Bollywood they stopped doing what the rant.

To which filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was quick to respond and asked Ranvir to explain himself and address whose flunky is who.

The virtual word-war between Anurag and Ranvir went on for a while, later the former concluded by saying that he will agree to disagree.