WATCH: Megan Fox Slammed Towards Barricade After Fight Breaks Out Between Machine Gun Kelly and Attackers

In The Footage, Machine Gun Kelly Can Be Seen Walking Out Of A Ride With Megan When The Incident Occurred

Megan Fox recently visited the Orange County Fair in California’s Costa Mesa with her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly. Unfortunately, the outing took a nightmarish turn when an unknown person attacked her boyfriend.

The video of the fight quickly went viral on Twitter. In the footage, Machine Gun Kelly can be seen walking out of a ride with Megan when the incident occurred. However, the couple’s bodyguard swiftly intervened and stopped the attackers.

According to TMZ, Machine Gun Kelly was involved in an altercation with two individuals. Words were exchanged, and he raised his hand, striking one of them. In response, the other person threw a punch back at him. During the incident, his security guard stepped in to protect him. Regardless of who was at fault, the commotion led to Megan being pushed towards a barricade.

In the midst of this incident, Megan Fox is determined to maintain consistency in her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. According to a source quoted by ET, it is crucial for her to have stability as they heal and work towards moving forward together. Both of them are putting in efforts to make their relationship work and are focused on each other and their families during this healing phase. Meghan wants to avoid drawing further attention to their relationship at this time and is prioritizing their bond and growth as a couple.

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