Robert Downey Jr Faces Backlash From Fans For His Disrespectful Behaviour Towards Ke Huy Quan

Robert Downey Jr's behaviour towards Oscar 2023 winner Ke Huy Quan was really a big disappointment for his fans all over the world.

Oscar Best Supporting Actor award winner Robert Downey Jr faced a major backlash from netizens for his behavior at the 96th Academy Awards night. Robert received his first Oscar in his cinematic career for his role in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer”. Oppenheimer stole the Oscar night by receiving the maximum number of awards, including best picture, best actor, and best director. Almost all the fans from the world are happy to see Iron Man receive his first Oscar, but his one mistake has disappointed his huge fan following. He ignored Ke Huy Quan who presented him the award. Ke Huy Quan won Oscar 2023 in the same category. 

Robert Downey Jr went on stage to receive an award which was presented by Quan, but he took the trophy, and he went ahead to meet Tim Robbins. He didn’t even bother himself to handshake the person who was presenting him that award.  Netizens expressed their supreme disappointment with Robert’s disrespectful behavior; they reacted to a viral clip on X (formerly known as Twitter. Users put their words in the comment section, one wrote, “Cannot expect much from the least classy guy in Hollywood…”. The same incident happened at the Grammy Awards between Taylor and Celine and hence the other one wrote, “Taylor and Celine all over again.” Another replied, “Where are all those who hated on Taylor for “ignoring” Celine?”One comment read, “Say what you will about Downey Jr’s performance, but thought his entire demeanor and acceptance of the award was off-putting. Totally ego centric and without an ounce of humility. Poor Ke Huy Quan wasn’t even acknowledged, treated as a stage hand. He lost me as a fan last night.” 

But backstage, both the actors met each other with a warm hug and their candid moment has gone viral on the internet.  

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