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Nicole Kidman Shares Hilarious Photo From The Set Of Netflix Film ‘The Family Affair’

Nicole Kidman's fans took to the comment section and praised her appearance and said they're looking forward to her upcoming roles.

Nicole Kidman is currently busy shooting her new Netflix film, The Family Affair, and the actress revealed how she took a quick nap in a short break. The actress took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself napping in a bizarre location. In the photo, Nicole can be seen napping while resting her back on the railing to the stairs of her trailer.

kidman looked radiant dressed in a white blouse and cream trousers. Alongside the photo, the actress penned, ‘Naptime on set,’ she captioned her post. Hundreds of Nicole’s fans took to the comment section and praised her appearance and said they’re looking forward to her upcoming roles. One user wrote, “The cutest photo and person in the world.” Another fan added, ‘So gorgeous.’ One fan also wrote, “I hope you’re having fun filming all of your new projects! Make sure to take care of yourself.”

Meanwhile, others quipped that they would have thought the Hollywood actress would at least have been given a proper seat or bed to rest on. ‘Looks uncomfortable. You’ve had a few hits, you would think they would have gotten you a bed or at least a chair! Renegotiate!’ a fan commented. ‘Jk. You got it all girl.’ Nicole is reportedly working on a rom-com for Netflix titled The Family Affair, which also stars actors Joey King and Zac Efron and is filming in Atlanta in the US.

The upcoming film follows Joey’s character Zara, who is the assistant to super mega movie star, Chris Cole, played by Zac, who is described as a ‘demanding and womanizing narcissist. Working with Chris begins to take a toll on Zara as she proceeds to quit her job on impulse only to find that her widowed mother, played by Nicole, had begun a romance with the celebrity playboy. The film will be directed by Richard LaGrevenese, famous for writing the 1991 Robin Williams classic The Fisher King.

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