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Margot Robbie Got Severe Injuries During The Wolf Of Wall Street

An interesting tit bit of news scoop here which is not known by fans and audiences is that Margot Robbie got severe injuries whilst filming sex scene with Leonardo in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

While the 2013 film was a huge box office super success globally, this is also true that both Leonardo Dicaprio and Margot Robbie stole the limelight and audiences hearts with their brilliant performance which had finesse and nuance. An interesting bit of information here is that Margot Robbie got severe injuries during The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The film is today termed as a cult and masterpiece picture of the last decade, but it’s also true that whilst filming, Margot Robbie got severe injuries during The Wolf Of Wall Street.

This unheard hot gossip comes out now that indeed the stunning Hollywood star Margot Robbie got severe injuries during The Wolf Of Wall Street.

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Both of them played characters of Naomi and Jordan Belfort who was a high profile stock broker that made millions of rupees each day by totally scamming the everyday investor.

While in entire film, there’s no shortage of sex and drugs usage, but certainly during filming, Margot got severe injuries during The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Before this movie, Margot was a totally new name in Hollywood film industry and earlier had only made appearances on Australian shows and totally was a newbie since she didn’t really have much experience of acting in Hollywood films but the ace film maker Martin Scorsese saw her acting potential and wanted to cast her as Dicaprio’s wife.

Both Leonardo and Margot grew closer to each other whilst filming of the movie but there was once scene during which Leonardo Dicaprio felt that Margot is certainly going to be a huge name in Hollywood. Explaining about the same scene, Leonardo in his old interview with an internationally renowned digital entertainment portal had said, “… Seeing Margot come in and read that scene with me, I just knew I was witnessing a dynamic presence in cinema that was about to be”.

Though after the film, Margot Robbie became a totally huge name in the west, but yes she even had her own share of novel experiences that included filming various sex scenes along with many nude moments throughout the film. Speaking of which, in one scene Margot confessed of having taken three tequila shots before standing naked in the doorway of her apartment wherein Naomi brings Jordan for the first time ever to her home.

In another scene, Margot actually had gotten some severe and real injuries. In the film, we see both Jordan and Naomi are seen having sex on a bed that’s lined up with cash which at that time seems glamorous but in reality was so painful for her to perform since she ended up getting her entire back full of paper cuts from the fresh bills totally sharp edges, according to a globally prominent Hollywood entertainment digital portal. Even though she can laugh out loud about it now, but certainly it didn’t feel amazing at that time back then.

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