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Katy Perry To Star As Magical Pop Singer In Upcoming Animated Movie Musical Melody

Katy Perry shared the news of the film's announcement on social media with a series of photos of her character.

Katy Perry is taking her skills to the big screen for a new animated flick. The singer will star in the upcoming musical movie Melody, according to Deadline. In the movie, Perry will voice the titular character, a sweet but shy singer with a magical voice who must rise above the jealous, evil pop diva Rose Stellar. The film takes place in New York City.

The singer also shared the news of the film’s announcement with a few photos of her character. Alongside the snaps, Katy penned, “Hi, I’m Melody!.” However, the American Idol judge will also write and perform original music for the film, as reported by Deadline. She is also credited as a producer. Jeremy Zag, who created, directed, and produced the movie, told the outlet that Melody’s story had been on his mind for ‘years,’ and working with Perry helped him finally realize his vision.

Zag said to the outlet, “Melody is someone who has to believe in herself, and in order to do that, she has to learn to love herself before considering how people look at her.” “Big pop stars live in golden castles, they’re famous with paparazzi all around, but for a little girl, there is passion and fear,” he added. The director went on to say, “And I’ve never seen anyone as creative as Katy, who so personifies this character.”

Perry also recalled the hard times she faced as a young artist when she needed just “one person” to believe in her. “I say peachy keen, jellybean all the time, but it definitely wasn’t always that for me when I started,” she explained. “There were many rejections, and many losses, almost a decade of that. I went to Los Angeles when I was 17, and I got signed and dropped by three record labels. I had two cars repossessed. But when I would go and busk at the Farmers Market on the street, people would stop, for a long time.”

Katy Perry then added that she realized no matter what obstacles appeared, she just had to ‘keep swinging.’ “I’m a big believer in trying everything once, and not being on the sidelines,” she said. “I am encouraging my daughter to be fearless because she has a mother and a father who are fearless. You don’t want to live 10% of what life has to offer. Why not 100%?”

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