Being A Mom Is Similar To Being A Pop- Star’- Katy Perry’s Thought On Embracing Motherhood

American pop star Katy Perry and Fiance Orlando Bloom welcomed their first baby girl Daisy Dove Bloom in August 2020, the couple share how the two co-managed to raise their daughter amid their busy schedules.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s bundle of joy Daisy turned one last august and Katy shared how the journey of raising their child wouldn’t have been so smooth if it wasn’t for her fiance Orlando Bloom, who lends a helping hand and ‘alternate when needed’ so the singer can continue doing shows. A Source close to the couple shared how the new parents are raising their one-year-old quite effortlessly, all thanks to the couple’s unmatched rapport. “Katy has a place in Vegas and for the most part Orlando will be out there to help out while she is on stage and if she ever has to go from Vegas to L.A. for American Idol duties all that will be planned out,” shared the source.

While kudos to Katy for balancing her personal and professional life like a pro, she gives most of the credits to her fiance Orlando, who takes care of their daughter while the singer travels to perform her shows. “Along with their obvious parenting duties they also have lots of help and Orlando isn’t really working right now so they both have an understanding that their work is important, and they will alternate when needed but have enough help to make sure it will all work out” the source further added. “They have it all sorted out” confirms the source.

Katy, along with her Fiance and daughter, has been spotted multiple times, from casually taking a stroll to going shopping together. Sharing her thoughts on her newfound motherhood, Katy reveals how the journey is somehow similar to her profession, “Now that I’m a mom, my life is totally different and yet I realized, it’s kind of similar to being a pop star,” said Katy. She further revealed how her life is all different now, as she has to constantly take care of their child along with managing her career. But despite all the hard work, the 37-year-old singer is thoroughly embracing the journey, “You’re up all night, usually holding a bottle of some kind, there’s vomit on the floor and your boobs are always out,” she jokingly added.

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