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Kanye West Not Comfortable With Pete Davidson Spending Time With His Kids

Kanye West is apparently 'having difficulty' tolerating ex Kim Kardashian's lover Pete Davidson's proximity to their children.

Kanye West ‘knows the bond he has with his kids is unbreakable,’ but he’s allegedly not happy that Kim Kardashian’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is growing close with the kids. “(It’s not something) Kanye was expecting or even considering when he and Kim divorced,” a source revealed to HollywoodLife. “For Pete and the kids to get so close, so fast, is deeply unsettling for Kanye. It’s really difficult seeing photos of them together everywhere he goes, and he just wishes things were different.”

Another source added to the outlet, “Kanye is still having trouble accepting that he can’t fix this and get his family back together. He’s still very heartbroken and trying everything he can to stall the proceedings. It’s painful for him to see Kim moving on with Pete and to see Pete spending all this time with his kids has magnified that pain even further.” Pete was recently spotted going out with Kim and Kanye’s 6-year-old son, Saint West and Kanye might have felt uncomfortable with that. Pete and Saint spent the whole day bonding with each other in California on June 4.

The two of them were first spotted in The Grove Mall in West Hollywood and then went to Walmart in Woodland Hills where they were spotted window shopping for toys. A source revealed to the outlet, “Pete and Saint looked like they were having a blast which is so adorable because it was just a simple Walmart run. There was a security guard with them, but he wasn’t looming around them or anything. They were just hanging out, laughing, and it looked like they were just joking around which was really cute. Saint appeared to be very comfortable with Pete.”

The source continues, “They were playing with some of the toys in the back section of the store and just having fun together.” Even though Pete was the adult, he seemed more like a big brother than a fatherly figure to Saint. He was acting like a big kid and just looked really happy.” On the other hand, Kim is hopeful about getting married to Pete Davidson one day. She shared in an episode of The Kardashians. “I believe in love. That’s why, hopefully, there will be just one more wedding for me. Fourth time’s the charm!”

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