Justin Bieber Faces Backlash For Posting ‘Praying for Israel’ Over A Pic Of Gaza

Justin Bieber became the target of trolls and netizens' wrath after the singer wrote, "Praying for Israel" over a picture of "The Gaza Strip".

Canadian singer Justin Bieber landed himself in trouble after the singer recently shared a post on the ongoing Israel-Palestine war. However, Bieber became the target of the netizen’s backlash after he wrote, “Praying for Israel” over a picture of “The Gaza Strip”.

For the unversed, singer Justin Bieber recently expressed his concern over the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. With the intention of supporting Israel over the ongoing war, Bieber took to his Instagram and posted a photo of the destruction in Gaza with text, “Praying for Israel”. However, the singer soon realized the mistake and took off the story by deleting it from his Instagram.

However, the post didn’t go unnoticed by the netizens, who bashed and trolled the singer for being careless and insensitive. A user tweeted, “Tell me you’re stupid without saying stupid Justin Bieber posted a story on IG “Praying for Israel” over a picture of Gaza Even he failed to be Zionist as he don’t know the diff between #Gaza & #TelAviv”.

Another user tweeted, “#JustinBieber in his first pic posted a picture of Gaza with the text “praying for Israel” man is so out of touch and lost. This is actually insane.” Another commented, “Posting “praying for Israel”, while using Gaza – Palestine really shows how out of the loop celebrities are.”

Check netizens reactions on the controversy-

Meanwhile, in an earlier Instagram post, Justin Bieber wrote, “Truly hurting for both my Israeli and Palestinian friends. I’m pretty sure we all instinctively know evil when we see it. To villainize all Palestinians or all Israeli people to me seems wrong. I’m not interested in choosing sides, but I am interested in standing with the families, who have been brutally taken from us (sic).”

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