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Hollywood Celebrities Mourn The Death Of James Lipton On Social Media

Hundreds of Hollywood stalwarts were given to James Lipton, an actor-turned-drama-school-dean to open up regarding their life and art and became an unexpected star.

Actor, author, and successful show host James Lipton passed away at his Manhattan home at the age of 93 on March 2, 2020 (Monday).

Lipton, an entertainer-turned-drama-school dean who got a handful of Hollywood prominent figures to open up about their life and art and became an unexpected star himself as the longtime host of Inside the Actors Studio passed away of bladder cancer at his home in New York, his wife Kedakai Lipton confirmed to AP News.

Renowned as the host of Inside the Actors Studio, Lipton was remembered as “kind” and “inspirational” by celebrities on social media after his death was confirmed:

Lipton began his career with a stage appearance and several TV series. He started hosting Inside the Actors Studio in 1994, a seminar-like setup that allowed students to learn to live from experts. The show came upon Bravo and the channel received high ratings.

Lipton’s poise and gossip-free approach to interviewing celebrities on the series won him great respect.

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