Here’s The Entire Story Behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s Engagement Rumour

Leonardo DiCaprio & girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti went on a lunch date where a ring on her ring finger gave rise to rumors that the two were getting engaged.

Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti went on a lunch date on March 26 and this Italian model was spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger, which gave rise to rumors that the two were getting engaged. After a few hours, a well-known and reliable gossip website, however, put an end to the rumors.

Pictures from DiCaprio and Ceretti’s Tuesday lunch date at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles surfaced online, showing the couple cuddling and doing PDA. One of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors Leonardo wore a casual look for the lunch outing: gray shorts and a white t-shirt, complete with his trademark black baseball cap. Conversely, Ceretti appeared just as at ease with a low-rise, baggy pair of trousers and a black sweater over a white tank top. Her hair was braided into pigtails. But it wasn’t an outfit which grabbed attention. Instead, the model attracted notice for the stunning diamond gem she wore on her ring finger.

Images posted on X showed Ceretti idly placing her hand on her partner Leo’s shoulder, giving photographers a clear glimpse of her eye-catching ring. However, as soon as rumors started flying about Leonardo DiCaprio possibly being engaged, TMZ provided investigative research that refuted those rumors.Leonardo DiCaprio is still going strong in his single life, despite what some admirers might have thought—or rather, want to think. The actor has been seeing Ceretti since May 2023, but he hasn’t yet asked her out. But if nothing else, their most recent photos provide as proof that the couple is still together. Regarding the ring on Vittoria’s left hand, TMZ claims that the model has owned it before dating the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor, at least from 2022.

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