Here’s How Whoopi Goldberg Lost Her Weight

Whoopi Goldberg used a type 2 diabetes medication to lose weight after gaining too much weight for the movie "Till".

The Color Purple star Whoopi Goldberg underwent a soothing transition. The actress lost her weight, and she revealed the secret behind her weight-loss journey. The actress gained weight while producing and acting in the biographical drama “Till”. She shared insights into her weight-loss journey, said that she used a drug to slim down herself.

 She revealed in Dailytime Talk show that she used Mounjaro-type 2 Diabetes medication. She said, “”I will tell you, I weighed almost 300 pounds when I made Till. I had taken all those steroids, I was on all this stuff, and one of the things that’s helped me drop the weight is Mounjaro. That’s what I use.” Even while preparing for Alma Carthan in Till, she didn’t wear a fat suit. She said, “I don’t really care how you felt about the movie; but you should know that was not a fat suit, that was me. That was steroids.”

She never realized the change in her body, even after gaining weight. “I just always felt like me, and then I saw me, and thought, ‘Oh, that’s a lot of me”, she added. She emphasized the stigma around weight-loss drugs as she felt the need to change it. She added, “Maybe the key is to stop judging everybody. You have to take responsibility for yourself and see what’s going on with your body. My weight has gone and come, and gone and up and down. But it’s never been an issue for me because I don’t listen to what other people say about me, so it has never been a problem. It’s a matter of how we treat ourselves.” But this 68-year-old actress has a noticeable change in her body after taking Mounjaro.

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