Here’s How Guy Fieri Dropped 30 Pounds Weight

The Food Network host Guy Fieri was following intermittent fasting. He also hired a trainer for an intense workout and reduced 13 kg of weight.

The Food Network host, Guy Fieri, has undergone an amazing transformation by losing weight. Though his fat-loss journey was slow, it remained steady enough. Fieri lost 30 pounds over 4 years, i.e. nearly 13 kg. Self-control was the key to his surprising transformation, he told Men’s Health. He said, “I still eat what I want to eat, but I just don’t eat as much of it.”

The 56-year-old reduced the amount of food he used to consume. With a proper diet, intermittent fasting, he also focuses on some intense physical activities. Guy hired a personal trainer, for that matter. Talking about his diet plan, he said, “It wasn’t as gnarly as you might think. I’m not a big breakfast fan.”

The physical activities Fieri adapted include high intensity interval, weight training, cold plunges, and sauna sessions. He outlined his workout, saying, “The thing about cold plunges is that you gotta get through the first 30 seconds. When I started, I hated waiting on the timer to go off. But now I breathe and get into the right mind space. The energy it gives you. It gets me fired up. I do it every day.”

Back in 2022, Guy Fieri decided to quit alcohol consumption. Citing the reason behind it, the father of two, Hunter and Ryder said, “I don’t want to die young. I want to be around for my kids. I want to be around for Hunter and Ryder’s kids.”

Guy’s health started improving gradually, and now he has been quite successful in adapting some healthy habits.

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