Miley Cyrus Unveils That Her Drug-Abusing Mother Provided Her with a Substance That Caused Her to Lose the Ability to Drive for Three Days

Miley Cyrus struggles to enjoy her mother's marijuana.

The 31-year-old sensation took the stage with David Letterman to begin the fifth season of his Netflix show, My Guest Needs No Introduction, at the legendary Los Angeles hotel, Chateau Marmont. In the conversation, she revealed her past habit of smoking with her Tish Cyrus … and the reasons behind her decision to quit.

“I usually just take a tiny whiff from my mom’s joint, rarely because it’s incredibly potent,” Cyrus mentioned to Letterman. “My mom once caused Wiz Khalifa to have a panic attack because her marijuana was too potent.”

The “Flowers” vocalist has decided to steer clear of her mother’s cannabis completely, after a recent event that shook her up. “I’ve stopped using my mom’s weed. The most recent time I tried it was about two weeks back, and I took the tiniest hit I’ve ever had. I ended up feeling so out of it that I couldn’t drive for what seemed like three days, and I had no idea who I was,” Miley shared

Nonetheless, she acknowledged that it might not be her final time lighting up a joint with her mom. “I often pretend to smoke to impress my mom,” she remarked. Cyrus was the one who initially proposed that Tish should try marijuana to help with her stress. “She said, ‘Alright, but promise not to mention it since I’m a devout Christian lady.’ However, she enjoyed it immensely. She experienced the most incredible time and has been smoking marijuana ever since,” Cyrus disclosed.

During the discussion, Cyrus also mentioned her present connection with her father, Billy Ray. There have been a lot of gossip surrounding Cyrus and her bond with her dad, with a lot of followers thinking they are no longer close. But, Letterman tried to dispel any misunderstandings by exploring more into Cyrus’ relationship with her dad.

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