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Things Fans Should Know About HBO Max’s Euphoria 2

For fans who loved the first season of HBO Max’s Euphoria, this can make waiting easier as here’s list of things fans should know about HBO Max’s Euphoria 2.

Fans of the rising and trailblazing hollywood actor Zendaya who loved her in ace director Sam Levinson’s Euphoria (HBO Max, 2019 – present) as Rue can get a bit happy as here’s a list of things fans should know about HBO Max’s Euphoria 2.

This can’t make the wait easier but will make fans more excited for now we take a look at things fans should know about HBO Max’s Euphoria 2.

Making the wait of fans and netizens a bit easier and also piquing their curiosity to another level now, we take a thorough glance at things fans should know about HBO Max’s Euphoria 2.

Right from new additions in cast to character arcs, teasers, spoilers and lots more, this is a huge list of things fans should know about HBO Max’s Euphoria 2.

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We all know how HBO has always prided itself in prestige era edge so far, but then watching the breakthrough hollywood starlet Zendaya led Euphoria is totally opening a new world wherein its more like bathing yourself in debauchery and deceit with the bunch of kids who are literally punched up and then made look pretty by using glitter in which it shows a clear picture of traumatized kids who are still suffering and reeling through the post 9/11 Pakistani terrorists attacks era with realistic and gritty visual menu of both cheap and designer drugs along with regular and revenge porn followed by self harm and self sabotage but they all are represented and panned out on the screen so beautifully that it gets harder to decide whether to pity them or love them or envy them.

When will Euphoria 2 make comeback – Last year on 19th October 2020, HBO had officially announced that two special episodes of Euphoria would be bridging the gap between season 1 and 2 and whilst the first which premiered in early December focused on the rapport and bonding between Rue (Zendaya) and her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo), the second one focused more on Jules (Hunter Schafer).

When asked about the return of much awaited season 2 of Euphoria on HBO Max, on this the director Sam Levinson opening up on the delay with show being pushed till mid or late 2021, told a leading digital entertainment magazine, “I suppose one of the few beneficial side effects of this fucked-up year is the distance between season 1 and season 2. It’s really difficult to insulate yourself from the response and write from the same place of creative freedom, because you know what people liked, or didn’t like. I just hope we can continue to explore and stay curious and experiment, so the show can grow in whatever way it does”.

Has Euphoria 2 already started filming – A first sneak peek for fans exclusively came in last year on 11th March 2020 before pandemic had set in via official Euphoria twitter handle which dropped a pic of Zendaya and Angus Cloud (Fez) sitting side by side at a table read. The photo was captioned, “here we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” suggesting work on the new season was in full swing and later in an interview Zendaya about the production getting halted just days before filming was about to start shared, “We were supposed to go back to work, I believe, on March 16 2020, And, literally, three or four days before that, they were shut down. I was like, ‘I was so close.’ We did camera tests and hair and makeup tests, and we got to see everybody and we had the sets built”.

She added, “I mean the scripts were written and I was just so excited, just to go back home is really what it feels like. But of course, this has all happened and I’m just grateful that I’m in the position I’m in. I can’t complain. I’m very lucky to be safe and healthy and still know that I have a job, Euphoria, that will be there”.

Currently as of May 2021, the entire cast is officially back on sets filming for Euphoria 2 and Zendaya dropped several pics on her instagram stories revealing the production started again and in July 2021, she in her quote to the global news wire agency told that the cast and crew were about “one-third” through the filming process.

Is there a Euphoria season 2 teaser – Certainly whilst there is not a complete trailer released yet by makers, but a tiny teaser has been dropped on Euphoria twitter handle by makers which shows the loving way in which Rue and Fez gaze at each other in what seems to be their high school hallway.

Source: Zendaya Twitter. A month back on 17th June, she posted this shortest official teaser video making fans more pumped up for upcoming season Euphoria 2.

Season 2 potential spoilers – A few months back in February 2021, Storm Reid who plays Gia, Rue’s little sister in her interview with leading digital hollywood portal told, “I have no information, other than my character is supposed to be developing and becoming her own. So I am very excited about that”.

Later on in another interview with leading global entertainment magazine, she told, “I feel like this season we’ll really get to see who she is outside of just being Rue’s little sister. She will really become her own person and her own character and she really is growing up in the show, which I love”.

In an interview back in April 2021, Sydney Sweeney who plays Cassie revealed a bit juicy details on her character’s dramatic storyline and said, “I can tease that, when you ask about season 2, my heart drops. In a you-guys-have-no-idea-what-you’re-going-to-watch way. Cassie really needs to get her shit together. I can’t say anything else. Cassie has a crazy storyline in season 2 that I did not expect. Every time I read a new episode that Sam writes, my jaw is on the ground and I can’t believe this is something coming out of someone’s mind”.

Finally now in mid July, Zendaya teasing a huge arc for her character Rue in Euphoria 2 in her quote to a leading global news wire agency said, “We’re just kind of experimenting with different tones and going more in-depth with all the characters. Mine, specifically, I mean it’s brutal. This is gonna be a tough season. We’re, like, one-third of the way through, and I haven’t even gotten to the hard stuff yet…It’s gonna take a lot, but I think Rue deserves that care because I think she is a special character”.

Characters returning to season 2 – All the main principal cast members are totally psyched and excited about returning to the season 2 of Euphoria with one new addition in cast who is the Waves star Kelvin Harrison Jr who himself gave confirmation in his earlier Complex podcast interview back in May 2020, wherein he shared, “I wasn’t talking about it for a while but we’re in quarantine, YOLO. Yes, I’m doing Euphoria. I’m excited. You know, right before quarantine we were about to start our first day, and then we got locked down, but the camera tests were sick, the fittings were sick, the table reads have been amazing. The scripts are so great and everyone is really excited for it. Levinson is a great writer and a brilliant storyteller, and the aesthetic and world-building they do in that show is so unique and he really pushes boundaries, as well. So I’m excited to step into that space and do my part”.

He also added, “I’ve never seen a character like this, period… I don’t think a character like this… I can almost argue that it has not been done. It’s interesting, it is definitely a character of the time and that’s all I got. He’s interesting”.

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