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Harry Styles Clears The Air On His ‘Unconventional Choices’!

Fans have been confused about Harry Styles’ unpredictability and flamboyant choices for months now due to his unconventional dressing sense and music videos to which he finally provided some clarity. Read on to find out what he had to say!

Harry Styles started his solo-career after taking a break from band One Direction and has shown fans a totally different side of him ever since. There have been many speculations of him being ‘bisexual’ for months now.

The Sweet Creature singer finally gives some clarity on the matter and said that he did not intend on “sprinkling in nuggets of sexual ambiguity to try and be more interesting”. Instead, he explained that he tends to take decisions depending on the collaborators that he wishes to work with which influence his dressing sense and also depending on the cover of his album. He further said that he has an idea about how he wants the things to look and turn out because of what he thinks looks cool and not deliberately intending it to look either gay, straight or bisexual. Besides that, he further shared his thoughts on “sexuality” saying that he thinks it is fun and hasn’t really given it any further thoughts than that.

Liam Payne – Harry’s former bandmate in an interview said that he is very much in touch with Just Hold On singer Louis Tomlinson and knows where he stands with Flicker singer Niall Horan, but it is a bit complicated when it comes to Harry as he has a lot of mystery surrounding him.

He further shared that on looking at Harry’s recent pictures, he thought to himself that he wouldn’t have any more words than ‘Hello, how are you?’ to say to the singer as the content that the Sign of the Times singer shares in comparison to him are “polar opposites” and also went on to say that he is like the “Anti-Christ” version of Styles.

Well, we hope the ex-One Direction mates get in touch with each other soon and maybe collaborate on a song and make every Directioner’s dream come true!

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