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Five-Time Grand Slam Winner Maria Sharapova Officially Retires

Maria is all set to conquer another mountain after 28 years of dedicating herself to sports and taking home 5 valuable Grand Slam titles.

Five-time Grand Slam winner and tennis champion Maria Sharapova, the world’s most lauded sportswoman, officially confirmed her retirement on Wednesday at the age of 32. There is no escaping the fact that she will be known more than just DEDICATION in every corner of her sport, with great respect.

Sharapova said, “Tennis – I’m saying goodbye,” in the published articles in Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines. After 28 years of devoting herself to tennis and earning 5 lucrative Grand Slam titles, Maria is all set to conquer another peak.

Reports suggest she has received over $38 million in prize money along with earning a large number of high-paid advertisements from sports labels like Nike.

Sharapova, who became pro in 2001, first reached No. 1 in August 2005, winning a total of 36 singles career titles, 645 singles matches, and more than $38 million in on-court prize money — not to mention her tremendous off-court earning power.

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