Ezra Miller’s Protective Order Expires: Actor Condemns Media, Claims Unjust Targeting

Miller speaks out on the expiration of the protective order, highlighting unjust targeting and media criticism.

Ezra Miller, known for his role in “The Flash,” has finally addressed the controversy surrounding the harassment order that was filed against him by the mother of a twelve-year-old non-binary child. Deadline has reported that the temporary protective order against Miller has been lifted as the family failed to appear in court, causing it to expire.

The actor has spoken out about the situation, providing a statement to the publication. He expressed relief at the outcome of the matter and strongly criticized the media’s coverage of the events over the past year. Miller referred to the reports as “false claims” and called upon journalists to improve their practices.

In a lengthy post, Miller expressed gratitude towards those who have supported them throughout the ordeal. He  stated, “I’m encouraged by today’s outcome and very grateful at this moment to everyone who has stood by me and sought to ensure this egregious misuse of the protective order system was halted.”

While addressing the media’s portrayal of the allegations, Miller emphasized the need for accurate reporting and urged journalists to uphold higher standards. He implored those who had irresponsibly spread false claims to take the time to uncover the facts rather than simply chasing clicks.

Soon after releasing the statement, Miller faced backlash on social media. 

One user wrote, “Dude sounds like the ultimate Narcissist,” while another user stated, “Everyone who played a part needs to read this, whatever side you were on you need to realize what you played into this, and either accept and acknowledge your wrongs and fix them, or if you stood by them, you need to keep standing and supporting them and showing them love.”

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