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Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Bella Ciao’ Money Heist Anthem

Money Heist Anthem Song's Anti-Fascist History and the Bollywood Remake, So Here we have few things You Need to Know about the trending NETFLIX crime series anthem ‘Bella Ciao’

The song “Bella Ciao,” with its introduction in the Spanish show, La Casa de Papel-known in English as Money Heist, has become a global rage. But the song’s history is far stronger than being merely a central theme of a crime show. Did you know “Bella Ciao” is a Resistance song? Yes, it is

Meaning and Origination Of ‘Bella Ciao’

“Bella Ciao” is originally an Italian folk song, translating to “goodbye beautiful.” According to Jerry Silverman’s book Songs That Made Music Around the World, the details about the prerelease the version can be traced back to 1906 when it was sung as a form of protest against the brutal working conditions by women working in the paddy field.

First Official Appearance Of The Song

One of “Bella Ciao”‘s first recorded appearances was in 1975 on Giovanna Daffini’s album Amore, where she released dual versions of the song.

Various Protests Used Bella Ciao As Anthem

The song exploded in popularity over the years, and as anti-fascist hymns, various versions became popular worldwide. Recently, on 21 November 2019, about 7,000 people gathered in the Italian city of Modena to protest against Matteo Salvini, the former far-right deputy prime minister, sang “Bella Ciao.”

Covers And Remixes Of The Song

As everything that entertains audience has a recreation or inspiration was taken from the same and that’s how before Money Heist there were hundreds of covers and remixes of Bella Ciao. Their version of the song was released by Marc Ribot, HUGEL Cover, Hardwell and Maddix, Goran Bregovic’s album Champagne For Gypsies, Steve Aoki and more.

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Even Bollywood got inspired by Bella Ciao. There was a song titled, Love Ki Ghanti in Ranbir Kapoor starrer, Besharam, which has the exact same tune and rhythm as Bella Ciao. The man behind writing the Hindi version is Lalit Pandit.

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Emerged As Song Of Unity

Amid these dark times and global lockdown periods due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “Bella Ciao” as emerged as a song of unity. Video clips of Italians singing the song along with their neighbors are going viral. The song is being performed from the balconies in Germany.

We all are stuck to tunes of the song now. With the worldwide success of Netflix’s Money Heist, the song will grow on to find a brand new meaning for a generation. Yet its origin of rebellion and resistance will remain the same.

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