Ed Sheeran’s New Album Has Arrived With Surprising Revelations

From marriage with Cherry to his insecurities, Ed Sheeran has made the most surprising revelations on Equals.

Ed Sheeran has released his fourth solo studio album = or Equals on Friday. This record is a follow-up to 2017’s Divide, is the latest installment in his symbol series. His recent album is among the year’s most highly anticipated music releases and includes the UK number one singles Shivers and Bad Habits.

Equals see him touch on him taking a break from music in 2019, getting married to wife Cherry, and becoming a first-time father to daughter Lyra. No doubt Cherry gave her blessing for the popstar to use their private life as inspiration for his new music, but Ed admitted other loved ones have struggled to deal with him being so honest in the past. Talking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe at his First Listen event, the Shape Of You hitmaker described, “I guess it’s been quite uncomfortable for people that I’ve been with but, like, it’s something that I’ve always done and I do feel like honesty is what I expect from an artist and I don’t want to hear 20% of what you feel.”

However, from marriage with Cherry to insecurities, Ed Sheeran has made the most surprising revelations on Equals album. Starting with on Collide, track number eight, Ed recounts some of his wildest and most favorite memories of Cherry. He revealed that Cherry lost her wedding ring as he sings, “We made love in the sky… Overslept and missed the Northern Lights… You lost your wedding ring, but I didn’t mind… Cause I got a feeling, baby, we’ll be fine.”

Although, earlier to this album, Ed and Cherry have been always notoriously private about their relationship. This time along with some personal memories, he also shared his insecurities about his wife Cherry choosing him to settle down with while reducing himself to a ‘joker.’ He sings, “And I know you could fall for a thousand kings, And hearts that would give you a diamond ring… When I fold, you see the best in me, The joker and the queen.”

Equals marked the chart-topping superstar first as a father and married man. Ed Sheeran’s fourth studio album Equals features the hit singles Bad Habits and Shivers, both of which spent a combined total of 15 weeks at number one in the UK. That was until he was graciously knocked off the top spot by Sir Elton John, which was something Ed actually campaigned for.

Credit: Official YouTube Channel of Ed Sheeran

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