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Contagion And 4 Other Movies Predicted An Outbreak Like COVID-19

To create blockbusters, Hollywood has always turned to the idea of virus threats and outbreaks. Let us take a closer look at a few of the genre's best films.

No one could have predicted that an unknown origin virus could cause more than 140 countries to fall into a state of fear and helplessness. That is precisely what the COVID-19 explosion did! Interestingly, a few Hollywood movies succeeded in giving us a peek of what a pandemic like this would look like.

Here is a list of 5 films which predicted outbreaks of such deadly viruses as COVID-19.


The film is closely similar to what is happening now with Coronavirus. The film tells the story of what happens when a Chinese-born deadly virus spreads worldwide leading to global disruption and the quest to find vaccine.


The film follows, as the name suggests, the story of a lethal virus borne by an African rainforest monkey host. As the virus starts to spread to the entire world, scientists are unable to find a solution to it. The film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen released in 1995.

28 Days Later

The film was released in 2003 and directed by Danny Boyle. The film has a zombie apocalyptic undertone. If a mystery virus outbreak destroys the planet and turns people into monsters, survivors try their best to stay alive and well.


In the movie Quarantine there is a television reporter and her cameraman who  are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC, due to the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers or zombies.


The film is considered the first South Korean disaster movie. It was released in 2013 and under the direction of Kim Sung Su. The film tells the story of a deadly virus outbreak which will kill a person within 36 hours. The virus spreads in a neighboring Seoul city with a population of almost half a million people.

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