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Carrie Underwood Is Annoyed By Husband Mike & Son Isaiah

Carrie Underwood took to Instagram to post an adorable video of the son Isaiah joining his father Mike Fisher in turkey calls and it was very impressive.

Carrie Underwood, 37, shared a video showing a funny moment between husband Mike Fisher and son Isaiah  while the family was having a fun lunchtime. The singer called the hunk and the tot “annoying” teasingly after they all imitated each other when calling out “turkey calls,” noises that sounded like a turkey!

Throughout the funny exchange, they both put their hands over their mouths and Mike could not stop laughing as his little mini-me followed his lead. “You’re annoying at it, both of you!” Carrie said jokingly before the end of the video.

“Lunchtime lessons. Anyone else deal with this?” Carrie captioned the video while adding a turkey emoji. “#annoying.”

In the cute video, both dad and son were wearing T-shirts and looked happy and relaxed as a cut-up sandwich sat next to them on a platter.

Isaiah, however, is not the only bundle of joy that takes up the time of his family. The crooner “Jesus Take the Wheel” and her former hubby hockey player are also parents of their son Jacob, who is one year old. We are expecting to see funnier moments in the near future from the cute family of four.

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