Vivek Oberoi Reveals His Fling With International Model: ‘It Was A Four-Day Non-Committal Relationship’

Vivek opened up about his past relationships and the changes that have led him to a more settled life.

Vivek Oberoi, who made a powerful entry into Bollywood with the movie “Company,” has experienced many ups and downs in both his professional and personal life. His past relationships, particularly his link-ups with Aishwarya Rai, led to a feud with Salman Khan, which dominated headlines at the time. However, Vivek considers it the most hurtful time of his life.

In a recent interview with Anas Bukhash on his YouTube channel, Vivek opened up about his past relationships and the changes that have led him to a more settled life.

“I am an ‘all or nothing’ guy. I love with all my heart, but people like me tend to get hurt. When I was hurt, it was very difficult. Many people in my situation try not to be themselves and become superficial. It was amazing in the beginning; you bring out your best flirtatious self, and I was playing the field. It was a big ego boost. However, I was never dishonest. I wouldn’t commit to somebody and then leave. I would be straightforward and tell them I was not looking for anything serious. I remained friends with many of my casual girlfriends, and many of them even attended my wedding.”

He continued, “I remember an incident in Goa in 2009, on December 31. I had just met an international model. It was a four-day non-committal relationship, but one day, after a night of partying, I woke up and couldn’t remember her name. It scared me. I sat down and felt so alone and empty. I decided, ‘I’m done with this.’ I went back to the girl and told her, ‘I’m done.’ I needed to make space for something real. I wanted to detox.”

Reflecting on when he met Priyanka Alva, Vivek said, “Six months later, on July 4, I met my wife Priyanka. The universe seemed to say that I was ready. We’ve been together for 13 years, and we have no regrets. It’s an amazing feeling.”

On the work front Vivek is now set to star in the Amazon Prime Video series Indian Police Force, a television spinoff of director Rohit Shetty’s cop universe.

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