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Top Neha Kakkar TikTok Videos

Here are some of the top videos of Neha Kakkar on Tiktok.

Neha Kakkar is now one of the top playback singers in the Bollywood industry. She rose from being a contestant in a reality show to becoming one among the dependable singers of the industry. Along with her lively and energetic songs in the playback industry, Neha is also very active on various social media accounts. One of her favorite platforms to keep in touch with her lovers is TikTok, the platform for videos.
She is seen posting some comedy or music videos on her tiktok account on a regular basis. She has a total of 12+ million followers on her tiktok account. Here we will take a look at some of her top videos on TikTok.
This video of Neha of TikTok received over 5 million likes. In this video, we can see Neha portraying a person being questioned and answering the questions with various songs.
In this video, Neha collaborated with her brother Tony where they both perform and sophisticated dance of the rich people and also a bad-ass dance of common people. There are over 2.5+ likes for this video of Neha.
If you liked these videos, you can follow Neha on TikTok and enjoy more of this.

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