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Sonu Nigam: A Singer Is Born, You Can Never Make A Singer

Fans of the versatile and ace Bollywood singer were in for a treat recently, as in his recent appearance as a celebrity guest on Dr Himanshu Mehta’s chat show titled Thursday Night Live, Sonu Nigam says a singer is born, you can never make a singer.

In his latest chat conversational interview on Dr Himanshu Mehta’s chat show, Sonu Nigam says a singer is born, you can never make a singer.

Best known for his songs like Har Ghadi (Kal Ho Na Ho, 2001), Abhi Mujh Mein Kahi (Agneepath, 2012), Shukran Allah (Qurbaan, 2007), and so on, in his recent appearance as a celebrity guest on Dr. Himanshu Mehta’s chat show, the bonafide and terrific singer Sonu Nigam says a singer is born, you can never make a singer.

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Singer Sonu Nigam’s fans were in for quite a treat when he spoke a lot about his life and his career in Dr Himanshu Mehta’s chat show Thursday Night Live. The interview has a lot for Sonu’s fans, gracefully crafted and put together by Dr Himanshu Mehta whose unique hosting style is noteworthy.

The show began with a great introduction to Sonu’s songs and life by Dr Himanshu Mehta, who then asked Sonu about how he got into the field of singing. On this Sonu said, “Everyone is born with a faculty which outshines the rest.  I am a person of varied interests. As a child, I enjoyed playing sports and was a good student as I enjoyed studying and learning. I still do. There is no agenda now, I love to know more about things and it’s just a passion. Music was part of me from the time I grew up. When I gained consciousness, I understood sur and what it was. It was never taught to me. You are born with certain traits. You can never make a singer, a singer is born. I have been blessed with music and passion towards it. I love perusing it”.

Dr Himanshu then spoke about the famous episode of Sonu, in 2016, where he dressed up as a beggar and asked him to give his insight into the experiment. On this Sonu Nigam told, “Sometimes somethings come to my mind. This concept also just came like that. I was with like-minded people at that time. I proposed this idea and it became a landmark. I had not thought that people would love it so much. It was like an experiment with myself. I always tell people don’t take credit for your success or failure. Somethings are to be left to destiny. So here in this situation, the song were mine, the voice was mine but not the age…it was an experiment with myself”.

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