Sunil Pal Slams Sunil Grover’s Comedy In Kapil Sharma’s Show: ‘Vulgar And Cheap’

Sunil Pal criticized Sunil Grover for impersonating women on Kapil Sharma's show, accusing him of depicting them as "desperate."

Comedian Sunil Pal recently directed criticism towards Sunil Grover’s comedy on Kapil Sharma’s The Great Indian Kapil Show, referring to it as “cheap” during a recent interview, shifting his focus from his earlier comments about the show itself.

Sunil Pal criticized Sunil Grover for his portrayal of women, accusing him of depicting them as “desperate” through his mimicry. Additionally, Pal questioned Grover’s behavior of sitting on people’s laps, deeming it “vulgar”. He told TellyTalk, “Sunil Grover acts like a woman in the show and sits on people’s lap. It is so disgusting). He wears women’s clothes and say vulgar things. It doesn’t seem good. It looks vulgar and cheap”.

Recently on his Instagram handle, Sunil Pal expressed joy as Kapil Sharma concluded his stint on The Great Indian Kapil Show. In a video shared by Pal, he emphasized that Kapil is not an “OTT artist,” noting that a majority of his audience still watches television. He said, “Achha hai aapka show band ho raha hai. You are not an OTT artist. Aap TV ke, ghar ghar ke artist ho,” 

For those unfamiliar, Sunil Grover recently rejoined Kapil Sharma for Netflix’s “The Great Indian Kapil Show.” In the series, Grover assumes the persona of ‘Dafli’ while dressed in a saree. Prior to this, Grover has portrayed female roles such as Gutthi or Rinku Devi on Kapil’s shows.

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