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Shilpa Rao Shares The Moment She Met KK Last Time

Popular singer Shilpa Rao has shared her experience of working with the legendary late singer KK and also the last time she met him.

The passing away of legendary singer KK has left a hollow in everyone’s heart. Condolences have been pouring in from all over since his demise. The whole music industry of the nation is still in shock as they have lost a gem this year. Now singer Shilpa Rao who is known for the song ‘Khuda Jaane’ has shared her experience of working with the legendary late singer. During a tete-a-tete, she also expressed her feeling about meeting KK.

While making Khuda Jaane with KK sharing the experience Shilpa said, “I was fortunate enough to perform with him when I was starting out as a musician. It was an absolute honor to share the stage with him and sing Khuda Jaane.”

Sharing about the first meeting with KK she said, “I had the opportunity to open for his concerts and it was quite a learning experience watching him perform. When I first met him, it was after ‘Khuda Jaane’ and we sang the song live together he was one of the most supportive people I ever met. I was new and still trying to learn how to perform and he was very supportive. He was very casual and it never felt like it was coming from a senior. I will always remember that about him.” 

Later Shilpa also mentioned that the last time she met with KK was 10 days ago his demise. As soon as she met him she hugged him for straight two minutes. Unfortunately, she never knew that it will be the last time she will be meeting the legendary singer. 

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