Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunki’ Teaser Drops On His Birthday – A Heartwarming Tale Of Dreams And Friendship

The teaser, referred to as 'Dunki Drop 1', introduced the audience to SRK's character, Hardy, and his quirky 'family' within the film.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 58th birthday on Thursday, and the day became even more special for his fans as he surprised them with the long-awaited teaser of his upcoming movie, “Dunki.” This film marks his first collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani.

Shah Rukh Khan took to his social media platforms to share the teaser of “Dunki” and expressed his excitement, saying, “A story of simple and real people trying to fulfill their dreams and desires. Of friendship, love, and being together… Of being in a relationship called Home!” He continued, “A heartwarming story by a heartwarming storyteller. It’s an honour to be a part of this journey, and I hope you all come along with us. The #DunkiDrop1 is here.”

The teaser, referred to as ‘Dunki Drop 1’, introduced the audience to SRK’s character, Hardy, and his quirky ‘family’ within the film. The teaser also offered a glimpse of the characters portrayed by Taapsee Pannu, Boman Irani, Vikram Kochhar, and Anil Grover. The surprise inclusion of Vicky Kaushal in the film added to the excitement. “Dunki” will follow SRK’s character as he embarks on a rollercoaster journey to help his family fulfill their dreams of reaching London.

“Dunki” promises to be a heartwarming tale of four friends on a quest to reach foreign shores, depicting the arduous yet life-changing journey they undertake to realize their dreams. The film’s storyline is inspired by real-life experiences and weaves together a saga of love and friendship that brings together vastly different stories, offering both hilarious and heartbreaking moments.

The screenplay for “Dunki” is written by Abhijat Joshi, Rajkumar Hirani, and Kanika Dhillon. The film is scheduled for release on Christmas this year.

“Dunki” stands out as a departure from Shah Rukh Khan’s first two projects of the year, “Pathaan” and “Jawan,” both of which shattered records and earned over Rs 1000 crore, making him the only actor to achieve this remarkable feat in the industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting this heartwarming and promising collaboration between SRK and Rajkumar Hirani.

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