Virat Kohli-Anushka Plans On Moving To London? Cricketer’s Retirement Plans Leave Fans Worried

A video of Virat Kohli is now going viral in which the cricketer was seen discussing his retirement plans which has left the fans worried.

Cricket fans were moved to tears as they watched Virat Kohli discuss his retirement in a viral video. The star cricketer opened up about his plans, hinting that he might completely disappear from the public eye once he retires.

In a video now going viral on social media, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli was seen discussing his retirement plans, during the same he stated that once he’s done his fans might not see him for a long time. Virat said, “As a sportsman, we do have an end date to our career.I can’t keep playing forever. I’m sure I won’t have any regrets left. I’ll give my all till I’m playing, but once I’m done, I’ll be gone, you won’t see me for a while”.

Now, his comments are sparking speculation that Kohli might be hinting at plans to move abroad with his wife, Anushka Sharma, and their two children, Vamika and Akaay. Watch the video here!

Does Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma Planning On Relocating To UK?

Earlier this year, the couple was the subject of rumors suggesting they were planning to relocate to the UK to raise their children away from the media spotlight. These rumors gained traction after they chose to welcome their son to the UK. Although no official announcement has been made, fans are letting the speculation run wild as they ponder the possibilities.

Virat and Anushka made headlines this week for their generous gestures towards the Indian paparazzi. The couple, who are very protective of their children’s privacy, sent gift hampers to the paparazzi, asking them to refrain from taking pictures of Vamika and Akaay.

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