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Rashmeet And Gurbax Open Up On Their New Song Oceana

In a recent new exclusive interview with us, the dynamic musician duo Rashmeet Kaur and DJ Gurbax opened up about their latest new song Oceana that has been making waves in the industry.

Best known for her hit and viral songs have been loved by all her fans on social media that include Bajre Da Sitta, Marijuana Kare Dhua Na, Nadiyon Paar and many more hit songs to her credits as a renowned playback singer, Kalamkaar signee Rashmeet and Gurbax open up on their new song Oceana.

She is the newest singing sensation on the bollywood block with hit songs like Bajre Da Sitta, Marijuana Kare Dhua Na and Nadiyon Paar to her credits and on the other hand, he is a super successful DJ and music producer who also has many hit songs to his credits, and in their latest exclusive interview with us, Rashmeet and Gurbax open up on their new song Oceana.

Speaking about their newest collaboration titled Oceana by music label Sony Music India that is being loved by fans and music lovers, Rashmeet and Gurbax open up on their new song Oceana.

In their new candid conversation, both Rashmeet and Gurbax open up on their new song Oceana.

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Speaking about the X factor of song that has gotten listeners hooked with special emphasis to the way the video has been conceptualized, Rashmeet said, “It’s a new concept which has never been done before in India”.

Adding details to same, Gurbax shared, “What’s more cool about it is that both of us have kept it a little bit out of the zone that people are used to hearing. Like Rashmeet coming away from Bajre Da Sitta and mine being more instrumental and less vocal centric, both of have come together with something that sounds really unique and sounds like nothing else out there and we can’t help but talk about the song. Whether it’s good or bad, we don’t know yet but atleast its getting the conversation started and also getting people intrigued which is the idea of music in general”.

Further talking about the entire process of collaborating with Rashmeet Kaur, Gurbax shared, “The process was extremely easy and fluid. The moment I sent the song to her, we started talking and within a few weeks she sent me something. As soon as I got that, I knew that this song is going to be something really special. She took 15 to 20 days for sending me idea, then we stretched out the song within few months and the song was ready. Then we were waiting for final dates from Sony to figure out the release dates and then the pandemic happened which delayed the song which is why it has been a long process right from April 2020 last year till this month”.

When asked about the genre that Rashmeet wants to explore next after Oceana, she said, “I think R & B. I’ve been planning to make a track in same genre. So let’s see”.

Speaking about entire backstory of song Oceana coming into inception, Gurbax revealed, “During the pandemic when I just started making the music, I wasn’t in the best mindset since all my shows had gotten cancelled along with my meetings with managers and others and then suddenly it felt like what are next few months going to be like and its real that your environment, headspace and vibe contribute into the kind of music you make and also impacts when you write melodies, beats or any kind of composition so naturally this emotion of sadness flew out of me and when I sent it to Rashmeet she interpreted it in her own way and the song from its very start has an underwater feel to it like we are immersed in this world of underwater pain and sadness. Rashmeet and Meet who wrote the vocals and beats, they really took it to next level and from that point onwards, it was almost like a music video is already been conceptualized. Like we already knew that we wanted Rashmeet to be a mermaid in the video. So it was almost like it came to us and we didn’t had to come up with more ideas since the music itself was so strong that it was so clear”.

Talking about what made her go ahead for singing Oceana, Rashmeet said, “Actually it’s just my zone. I can comfortably express myself and be vulnerable with it and this is my space where I can emote fully. Sadness, blues along with strong projection of vocals and melody is actually my zone”.

Furthermore, talking about song, Gurbax said, “We can’t categorize Oceana as an R N B song since there’s no one specific bucket you can put it in, as it has elements of pop, electronic vibe, R N B, classical, folk, so there’s a lot happening which is flowing seamlessly in and out that it has its own genre. I think the most special music”.

Source: Sony Music India Youtube Channel. The song is out now on all social media platforms and is being loved by all fans and music lovers as well.

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