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Pride Month: Transqueen Navya Singh Shares Her Struggles In Bollywood

As the world is celebrating Pride Month, we had a chat with model Navya Singh who identifies herself as a transwoman and shares her struggles in Bollywood.

The month of June is celebrated as Pride Month dedicated to the LGBTQ community and their right to live a dignified life. The LGBTQ community faces a lot of bullying, rejection and discrimination on a daily basis.

Talking about Bollywood industry, there are certain beauty standards that are followed even in the 21st century. We recently got into a conversation with model Navya Singh who identifies herself as a transwoman and shared what kind of struggles she faces in the Bollywood industry.

Navya said, “Rejection. Whenever I used to go for auditions, people always questioned my identity. Can womanhood be defined biologically only? Motherhood has no gender. Whenever I used to go for an audition, they used to reject me saying that it is only for females. I don’t understand the term ‘Only for females.’ When I went to get a job, they rejected me after seeing my certificate. I was rejected only because I am a transwoman. So, I face such rejections all the time, especially in the glamour industry. No matter how progressive our entertainment industry is, it is still stereotypical towards the transgender community.”

When asked if people say certain things consciously or unconsciously that might be hurtful, Navya said, “If I tell you that it happens to me every day? When you are unique, you draw people’s attention. I know I am unique. I feel that I am very blessed that I birthed as a human. I feel blessed that I have the powers to think and understand. I feel blessed that I have lived two lives in one lifetime as I have lived as a boy and a girl.”

Navya has done ad shoots for Grazia Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is the brand ambassador of the Miss Trans Queen India beauty pageant.

Navya will soon be seen in a music video titled ‘Sambhal Jao’ alongside Nandini Singh and Qaseem Haider Qaseem.

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