Priyanka Chopra’s Cousin Reacts On Being Forcibly Kissed By Director

Priyanka Chopra's cousin Mannara Chopra opened up about the kissing controversy with director AS Ravi Kumar.

Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Mannara Chopra is currently in the headlines for a kissing controversy. Mannara, who is an actor by profession, faced an uncomfortable situation when director AS Ravi Kumar suddenly kissed her on the cheeks during a promotional event for their upcoming film Thiragabadara Saami.

Though Mannara concealed the sudden kiss with a nervous smile, she was seen getting uncomfortable. The video went viral on social media and people started talking about the toxic culture of South film industry and how actresses are treated by men. This incident once again started the debate on the need for a respectful and safe working environment within the film industry.

Mannara has now come forward to speak about the entire controversy. She was spotted at the Mumbai airport where she dismissed the entire controversy. She said, “Whatever news went viral, it had nothing to do with the director. I think he likes my work in the film. Even when I am not shooting, my team keeps calling me to tell that the director is saying that we are missing Mannara today because her work is so good in the film. So, I think he just got over-excited and I was taken aback by surprise for sure with the viral video and the way it picked up.”

Mannara added, “So, I just want to say that the film is releasing and it is a good film. My producer and director are saying that I have done a good work in the film. So, I am looking forward for the release of the film. And whatever incident happened, I think he just did it out of excitement. Sometimes, in excitement, people don’t get to know what’s happening.”

Talking about the environment of South film industry, Mannara stated, “I have always loved South film industry. I have done so many films there. I am still doing a lot of films there and people have always treated me very nicely. They are very warm, very welcoming. And I don’t think that he had any bad intentions. So guys, keep peace, be positive, be happy, just the way I am.”

“I have come to Mumbai for 4 hours and this clarification was much needed because people were talking a lot on social media. So, I thought let me just clarify this. Be positive and let me work. Let me enjoy my career and journey. And watch the film, it is releasing soon. It was not a controversy on purpose. He just did it out of excitement,” she added.

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