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Late Composer Wajid Khan’s Wife Is A Victim Of Love Jihad?

Late music composer Wajid Khan's wife Kamalrukh Khan has opened up about how she was forced to convert to Islam.

A lot of discussions around Love Jihad are going around in the nation right now. And in the middle of this, late music composer Wajid Khan’s wife has made a huge revelation. Let us tell you that Wajid Khan from the popular Sajid-Wajid duo was married to Kamalrukh Khan, who is a Parsi by religion. Recently, she opened up on Instagram and revealed that she too has been a victim of Love Jihad.

Kamalrukh said that she and Wajid were ‘college sweethearts’ who got married under the Special Marriages Act. She is a Parsi and he, a Muslim,  the act allowed them to get married while practicing their own religions. She says that she then started getting pressure from his family to convert and when she refused, her relationship with Wajid also suffered and that it also ‘affected his ability’ to be a father to their kids.

Wajid Khan’s wife wrote in her note, “The result being-outcast from my husband’s family, scare tactics to make me convert included taking me to court seeking divorce. I was devastated, felt betrayed, and was emotionally drained.”

Kamalrukh is the mother of 16-year-old daughter Arshi and 9-year-old son Hrehaan. Wajid passed away earlier this year due to cardiac arrest. He was also Covid-19 positive. In the note, she wrote, “My children and I miss him dearly and we wish he had dedicated more time to us as a family, devoid of religious prejudices, the way he did while creating his melodies. We never got to be a family due to his and his family’s religious fanaticism. Today, post his untimely death, the harassment from his family continues.”

Kamalrukh supported the anti-conversion bill so that the struggle of women like her can be reduced. 

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