Kiara Advani On Pay Disparity In Bollywood: ‘I Would Not Want To Compare Myself’

Kiara Was Seen At The Wagah Border In Punjab, Where She Faced Criticism After Videos And Photos Of Her Holding The National Flag Went Viral

Actress Kiara Advani has recently returned from a holiday with her husband, Sidharth Malhotra. Adding to her accolades, Kiara has been honored as the International Advertising Association (IAA) Brand Endorser of the Year in the female category. During the event, the actress was posed with a question regarding pay disparity in the industry.

In response, she offered her perspective, saying, “This is a very large debate. It’s world over and in every field. If I strictly have to stick to the ad world, I feel it’s changing there. I think it’s important to value yourself. It’s important to not be deluded, know where you stand and what you bring to the table. I would not want to compare myself to what my male or female counterpart is receiving.”

The 31-year-old actress elaborated, “If I feel this is my worth, then I would like to associate myself with people who see the same. I am growing and I am happy with the way I am valued. I would stick to that. It is important to see how you are growing and from where you’ve come. That’s how I look at it.”

On the professional front, there are rumors that Kiara might portray a negative role in Ranveer Singh’s speculated project, Don 3. However, there’s no official confirmation from the makers yet. In another venture, she’s set to star in “Game Changer” alongside Ram Charan.

Recently, Kiara was seen at the Wagah border in Punjab, where she faced criticism after videos and photos of her holding the national flag went viral. While attempting to wave the flag, she appeared to struggle, prompting netizens’ backlash as they expressed their discontent over the incident.

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