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Kangana Receives Rape Threat From Odisha Based Lawyer

Reigning queen of B town who is known for her best film performances like Tanu Weds Manu (2011) and Queen (2014), Kangana receives rape threat from Odisha based lawyer.

This actress who is very frank and vocal by nature where her personality reflects being fearless and bold which is the reason that she is Bollywood’s finest nuanced actresses along with being the reigning queen of bollywood who always believes in being honest and vocal against anything that she feels is not right or correct is what we always identify her with. But in today’s increasingly dangerous world of social media even actresses don’t get spared since they have to deal with trolls, rape threats and what. Similar thing happened very recently now when Kangana receives rape threat from Odisha based lawyer.

Bollywood film fraternity is not new to concepts of trolls, cyber bullying, social media wars, and all but nowadays a new form of digital danger is the rape threats which has gotten an increased frequency of happening with not just Bollywood but also the A lister TV industry actors as well and we can see how everyone is on the receiving end of the same but this happening with one of the most frank and blunt actresses of B town who doesn’t like sugar coating and never minces her words is very surprising to say where saw how Kangana receives rape threat from Odisha based lawyer.

Kangana is currently at her hometown Manali in Himachal Pradesh with her family and now from the past few weeks, she has been very busy with both her brother wedding preparations and related functions which is why she is seen missing in action from the Mumbai scene as of now.

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She has her own section of fans across the globe who love her along with the ever present trolls who always try to mock her on social media where it doesn’t really matter to her if you like or hate her because she is not here to get validation or please anyone but even then as a human being there’s a limit of tolerance and endurance to everything where issuing rape threats to such a big A lister Bollywood actress is just not done when Kangana has always come out against the same countless times.

Kangana recently posted on her social media post about how her ancestral house in Manali is completely decked up for her both her brother’s wedding festivities and is also seen celebrating Navratri while also giving her fans the information of yet another FIR that has been registered against her in Mumbai.

Taking to her official facebook page Kangana shared some pictures of herself celebrating Navratri but certainly it was her wittily written caption for this post which caught all the netizens and people’s attention as it read, “Who all are fasting on Navratris? Picture clicked from today’s celebrations as I am also fasting, meanwhile another FIR filed against me, Pappu sena in Maharashtra seems to be obsessing over me, don’t miss me so much I will be there soon #Navratri”.

After this post, immediately within the next moment itself a comment came from the Odisha based lawyer named Mehendi Reza which read, “should be raped in mid town”.

However now the lawyer has blatantly denied and refuted the claims of writing anything so hurtful and insulting to the actress on her facebook post comments section and said that someone had indeed hacked his account and deliberately written this unacceptable comment by making it seem like it is him when actually it was not.

Taking to his page later after this controversy stir, he wrote, “Today my Facebook ID got hacked at evening and some derogatory comments get posted. This is my not views regarding any women or any community. I am also very shocked and apologise for it. I request to all the people of kindly accept my apology and forgive me whose sentiments got hurt. I am really sorry for it”.

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