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Kajol Expresses Her Thoughts On Her Role As Simran In DDLJ

Kajol expresses her thoughts on playing the role of Simran in the iconic movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. The film celebrates 25 years this year.

Undoubtedly, Dil Wale Dulhaniyaa Le Jayenge is one of the most adored Bollywood movies to date. The movie released in the year 1995 was a blockbuster hit back in the days. This year, the film marks 25 glorious years, and here’s what Kajol has to say about her character Simran in the movie DDLJ.

Kajol played the role of Simran in the movie opposite Shah Rukh Khan who played the ever-charming Raj.

In her recent interview with a news daily, Kajol opened up about why the characters in the movie are liked so much and why they will be the audiences favourite even years down the lane.

During the interaction, Kajol spills the beans on what her experience was playing the role of Simran in DDLJ. The actress said that she recognized Simran as everyone has a Simran inside them.

Kajol went on to say that Simran was cool but old fashioned. Well, we can’t think of anyone else nailing the role of Simran with absolute perfection as Kajol did.

The movie to date runs in Maratha Mandir with theatre most of the time being houseful. DDLJ and all of its characters have a forever home in the hearts of the Bollywood movie lovers.

Speaking of the film, it marked the directorial debut of Aditya Chopra. Indeed he impressed the masses with a beautiful film.

The music of the film is to date is listened to on a loop without getting bored. Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan became a household name after the movie.

The train sequence of the movie is an iconic one, as a result filmmakers have tried to copy the same in their films.

To celebrate the occasion of 25 years, Kajol has changed her Instagram display picture to Simran from DDLJ.

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