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Ira Spills Details About Her Sexual Abuse In New Video

Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan spills out all the details about her sexual abuse in new video.

Usually the kids of stars and bollywood actors don’t like revealing the troublesome and conflicting details about their past and childhood traumas on social media or even in a public domain, but now things are seen as changing for the better and good where daughter of the Mr perfectionist of Bollywood, Ira spills details about her sexual abuse in new video.

It indeed takes a lot of guts and courage to come digitally on a social media platform that too on Instagram, and confess about something so relevant which has happened with them in their life with everyone to just have a discussion about the same where not all the Bollywood actor star kids do this, she has broken the mould and clutter of monotony by speaking about the same and we do feel proud of her to witness that Ira spills details about her sexual abuse in new video.

After posting a video on the socially relevant and globally prominent discussed topic of mental health last month, She has broken the cacophony of routine grind yet again and should be seen as a source of inspiration where usually when actor kids of Bollywood actors don’t speak about these things on social media platforms, in public and in front of media, beating all these odds, Ira spills details about her sexual abuse in new video.

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In the new video of Ira, she confessed and revealed the most shocking details of being sexually abused at the adolescent age of being 14 years old in childhood and she made this disclosure in her video whilst talking with her viewers about the divorce of her parents Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta.

Speaking about the sexual abuse that she faced she posted a new video on Instagram, where she said, “When I was 14, I was sexually harassed. That was slightly an odd situation as I didn’t know what that person was doing and if they knew what they were doing. It wasn’t happening every day. So it took me a year to be sure that they knew what they are doing and that is what they are doing. My parents got myself out of the situation. Once I was out of the situation, I didn’t feel bad anymore. I wasn’t scared. I felt like this is not happening to me anymore and it’s over. And I moved on. It was not something that has scarred me for life and something that could make me feel bad”.

Further continuing on the same, she said, “I never spoke to anyone about anything because I assumed that my privilege meant I should handle my stuff on my own, or if there was something bigger, it would make people need a better answer than ‘I don’t know’. It made me feel like I needed a better answer and until I had that answer, my feelings weren’t something I should bother anyone else with. No problem was big enough to ponder too long about”.

She threw special emphasis on the subject of how privileges affect the mental health and said, “What would anyone do? I had everything. What would anyone say? I had said it all. I still think there’s a small part of me that thinks I’m making all this up, that I have nothing to feel bad about, that I’m not trying hard enough, that maybe I’m over reacting. Old habits die hard. It takes me feeling my worst to make myself believe that it’s bad enough to take seriously. And no matter how many things I have, how nice to me people are because of my dad, how nice to me people are because they love and care about me, if I feel a certain way, a certain not nice way, then how much can rationally trying to explain these things to myself do? Shouldn’t I instead get up and try and fix things? And if I can’t do that for myself? Shouldn’t I ask for help?”.

On the parting note, she opened up about her parent’s divorce in childhood and said, “When I was small, my parents got divorced. But that didn’t seem like something that would traumatise me because my parents’ divorce was amicable. They are friends, the whole family is still friends. We are not a broken family by any means”.

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