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Kangana Ranaut’s Mother Avoided Heart Surgery Through 2 Months Of Yoga

On International Yoga Day, Kangana Ranaut reveals how Yoga cured her mother's heart disease.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, actor Kangana Ranaut has shared some inspiring stories of her family members and revealed how yoga helped them beat major health problems. She mentioned how her mother was diagnosed with a heart problem and was advised of heart surgery. But Kangana, who is an active yoga practitioner said to her mother, “Give me 2 months of your life please I can’t let them open your heart.”And turns out that her mother never needed surgery.

Kangana posted a picture of her mother and father practicing yoga and narrated the story in the caption. She wrote, “…few years ago Mother was diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid and high level of cholesterol(600) doctor said we need to do an open heart surgery for her cause there might be blockage, I told mother with tears in my eyes give me 2 months of your life please I can’t let them open your heart, she trusted me and eventually I succeeded in my persistent pursuit today she has no meditation, no illness she is healthiest and fittest in the family.”

Talking about how Yoga helped her father, Kangana told, “With excessive walking Papa had damaged his knees that time I got an opportunity and converted him to an ardent practitioner of Yoga, he even jogs now, today I can say with proud that biggest gift that I gave to my family is Yoga.”

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Through these stories from her own life, Kangana attempts to encourage people to start practicing yoga in order to live a healthy life. Kangana says that every morning she calls her parents and ask only one question, “Yoga kiya?”

On the work front, Kangana is awaiting the release of three films this year i.e. Thalaivi, Dhaakad and Tejas.

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