Here’s Why Bobby Deol Calls Salman Khan ‘Mammu’

This is the reason why Bobby Deol calls Salman Khan 'Mammu' as the duo shares a good bond, and Salman helped Bobby with movies.

Bobby Deol’s latest film, ‘Animal,’ has become one of the most successful movies of this year, and the actor is receiving rave reviews for his performance. Despite his recent success, there was a time when no one was ready to cast him in films. It was Salman Khan who gave him a chance in his movie ‘Race 3.’

Salman, known for assisting friends in the industry, shares a special bond with Bobby Deol. However, very few people know that he calls Salman Khan ‘Mammu.’

During the press conference of ‘Race 3,’ Bobby was asked if Salman would make an appearance in a song for ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 3.’ Bobby replied, saying, ‘Salman is a sweetheart, a selfless man who only wants to do things for people. When I was starting out, I’d practice my stunts and ride horses on the beach. His movie ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ had just released and was a big hit, yet he behaved so normally. He was fond of me, and vice versa, so we just came up with the name ‘Mamu,’ and it has stuck. I still lovingly call him Mamu.’

Regarding how he landed the role in ‘Race 3’ and his ripped appearance in the trailer, Bobby said, ‘Much before I signed ‘Race 3,’ I started working on myself in anticipation of offers that would come. My dietician put me on a Keto diet, and I was working out simultaneously. Then, suddenly, I got a call from Salman Khan one day. He came into my life like an angel, and thanks to him, I landed ‘Race 3′ and subsequently started working out with his trainer, discovering that if you’re healthy, you can focus more on work. He’s the reason for this physique.’

Discussing how he got a role in ‘Animal,’ the actor, appearing on Siddharth Kannan’s show, mentioned, ‘When I was playing Celebrity Cricket League, I didn’t have a lot of work. At that time, someone must have clicked my photo. So, when I met Sandeep for the first time, he showed me that photo, which I still have on my phone. He said, ‘I want to cast you because of your expression in this photo. It’s amazing.’’ The actor quipped that his low phase helped him land a role in a film. ‘Bekaari ke din kaam aa gaye.’

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