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Here’s How Actress Rekha Rana Is Spending Her Quarantine Time

Due to the lockdown, everyone is quarantined in their homes and actress Rekha Rana is keeping herself busy as she practicing social distancing and even learning new things that keep her busy throughout the day. She is spending her time by engaging in her hobbies such as learning to cook new dishes, to sing and also to play the guitar. She is also spending her time in spiritual activities like reading bible and praying.

While performing social distancing she is also trying to reach out to her fans by sharing motivational and helpful DIY videos through which will keep them busy and safe during the lockdown.

“Whatever is happening with the world is very sad and disheartening and I’m praying to God that everything gets back to normal soon. I have made a proper time schedule for my entire day, I’m trying to learn and do all the things that I wasn’t able to do due to my busy schedule. ” said actress Rekha Rana. 

The actress  just hopes that she can  come out with the better version of herself after this quarantine period.

Rekha is a Bollywood actress who has worked in a few Hindi films. She has also performed more than 150 stage shows all over India and abroad with the Ank Theatre Group.

Rekha Rana has a music video lined up with her own production house “Christ Production”  which will release as soon as situations improve in our country along with the release of her film “Yaha Ameena Bikti Hai”.

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